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Do Tulips Multiply?

Do Tulips Multiply?

Do Tulips Multiply?

Tulip Bulbs Bring Vibrant Color To The Spring Garden, But Do Tulips Multiply?

Tulips are one of the most popular fall-planted flower bulbs; they bring gem-like
color to the spring garden and also look fabulous as part of a spring bouquet. Tulips are easy to grow but a question we’re often asked is: do tulips multiply like daffodils?

Do Tulips Multiply: Do Tulips Multiply Every Year In The Wild?

Wild tulips grow in the mountainous regions of Central Asia where winters are cold
and snowy and the summers are hot and very dry. In their natural habitat, wild
tulips multiply and will form large groups. However, the only parts of North America
that offer these harsh conditions are some mountainous regions in the west.

Do Tulips Multiply: Do Tulips Multiply Each Year In The Garden?

Tulips will only multiply when they are allowed to complete a full year’s growth
cycle. They need to be left in the ground all year so they can grow new “daughter”
bulbs. Tulips are hardy and can be left in the ground all year in climate zones 3 - 8.
Small early tulips similar to the botanical species are the most likely to multiply,
blooming in carpets of color, while the stately Jumbo Darwin tulips such as Red Impression, Apeldoorn's Elite, Jumbo Cherry and Golden Parade will also multiply if they are left to naturalize.

Do Tulips Multiply: Do Tulips Multiply On Their Own?

It’s not difficult to get tulips to multiply in the garden, but they do need a little
extra care. Plant them more deeply than usual, up to 6” deep in warm regions.
Remove the flower heads after blooming so that the bulbs don't waste energy
developing seed heads. Allow the leaves to die back fully before removing them so
that all the sugar and other nutrients return to the bulb. Try to avoid watering the
bulbs over the summer. The tulip bulbs will form clusters so about every third
season, dig them up in fall and divide them before replanting them in groups for a
fabulous spring display.

So the answer to the question "do tulips multiply year after year?"; is yes! Explore
our stunning tulip collection, where you’ll find the best varieties for naturalizing in
your location.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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