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Double Tulips

Double Tulips

Double Tulips – An Opulent Ending to the Tulip Season

Normally, tulips have 6 large petals. But double tulips, as the name already suggests, have many more. This gives the blooms a completely different look. Not the regal elegance of varieties like Darwin Hybrid tulips or Triumph tulips, but plump, almost juicy-looking blooms that are often compared to peonies. Double tulips are quite large, with stems that can reach up to 20” and blooms that easily measure 4” across.

When to plant double tulips

Like all tulips, double tulips need to be planted in the fall. When the nights are getting colder and there’s a hint of pumpkin spice in the air, it’s time to get out your gardening gear. Double tulips should be planted in a sunny, sheltered spot where the tulips will be protected from wind and rain. As with all flower bulbs, make sure that the soil is well-draining. Dig a hole that’s three times as deep as the bulbs, cover with soil, and water well. Double tulips look best in groups of at least 10-15 tulips.

Are double tulips perennials?

Some tulip bulbs only bloom for one year, while others come back every year. The latter are called perennials. Unfortunately, double tulips are not perennials but annuals, meaning you’ll have to plant new ones every year. But that does have its advantages, since it means that every year you get to choose another combination of old favorites and exciting newcomers from our large collection of double tulips.

Tulip Ice Cream

Yellow double tulips

If you like the happiness that yellow brings, then sunshine-yellow Double Tulip Vanilla Coup or warm-golden Double Tulip Yellow Pomponette are perfect for you.

Red double tulips

If you like you strawberries with a big dollop of cream on top, red-and-white Double Tulip Drum Line will be just to your taste.

Orange double tulips

Orange is the Dutch color of celebration, and nothing could symbolize that better than purple-shaded Double Tulip Orange Princess and fiery Double Tulip Olivia.

White double tulips

If you want to bring some calm and serenity to your garden, but still like the bountiful look of peony-tulips, super-frilly Double Tulip Snow Crystal and creamy, rose-like Double Tulip Avant Garde will deliver in spades.

Super-special double tulips

Our double tulips are already amazing in and of themselves, but we have a few that are true showstoppers. These amazing breeds exceed any ideas about what tulips look like, and are breath-taking in the truest sense of the word. Double Tulip Ice Cream really does look like a scoop of vanilla in a purple pink cup. Double Tulip Blue Wow is the inverted cousin of Double Tulip Ice Cream, and artichoke-like Double Tulip Giant Peach has to be seen to be believed.

Where to buy double tulips?

If you believe that more is more and you would like your spring garden to reflect that, DutchGrown is the perfect place to buy your double tulips. Our top-size bulbs, grown in prime Dutch soil guarantee a late spring show like no other. A few clicks on our website, and your order is placed. We’ll make sure, your flower bulbs will be with you as soon as possible, so you can plant them straight away.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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