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How To Care For The Amarillo Plant?

How To Care For The Amarillo Plant?

How To Care For The Amarillo Plant?

How To Care For The Big, Beautiful Amarillo Plant For Some Of
The Most Impressive Blooms You’ll Ever Grow

Amarillo plants, or amaryllis as they are also known, are some of the largest and
also the showiest of all fall planted flower bulbs. Grow indoors to enjoy their
gorgeous blooms during the winter or if you live in a warm location, you can plant
them in the garden. They’re quick and easy to grow and with a little care, they will
rebloom season after season.

How To Care For Your Amarillo Plant

Plant at any time in fall or winter. Choose a narrow pot in which the bulb just fits as
they enjoy being crowded. Place a few inches of soil in the pot, set the bulb on top
and add more soil so that the top inch of the bulb sits above the surface. Water well
and place in a warm bright room. The Amarillo will bloom within 6 - 8 weeks after
planting so for a lovely holiday centerpiece, plant in early November.

How To Get Amarillo Plants to Bloom Again

After the blooms have faded, remove the stems but leave the foliage to grow. You can move the pot outside when the weather gets warm. In August, gradually
reduce watering and let the leaves die back. Bring the pot indoors and keep in a
dark location such as a closet for 8 - 12 weeks. This induces a period of dormancy,
essential for the Amarillo to bloom again. Then bring the pot into the light and
water it, and you will have blooms in about 6 weeks.

Amarillo Plant Care Outside

In zones 8 and higher, you can grow the Amarillo in the garden. Plant the bulbs in fall and they will bloom the following spring. The Amarillo is perennial and will
bloom for many years if the bulbs are left in the ground.

Now all you have to do is to choose your favorite Amarillo varieties. Browse our
stunning Amarillo plant collection for more inspiration.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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