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When to Plant Tulips?

When to Plant Tulips?

When to Plant Tulips?

No Bloom Heralds Spring Quite like the Tulip. Learn When to Plant Tulips for a Garden Full of Color.

Planting High-Quality Tulips Gives the Best Result

Curious when you should plant tulips? For a stunning display next spring, it’s essential to start with top-quality tulip bulbs. All our bulbs are grown in the Netherlands, where the light, sandy soil and generations of expertise combine to create the best flower bulbs in the world. The tulip bulbs take two years to develop; they are then shipped in temperature controlled containers, arriving at your door in perfect condition and ready for planting.

When Do You Plant Tulips By Zone?

Tulip bulbs are planted in the fall and we ship our bulbs from September onwards. The best time to plant tulips will depend on your zone; if you are unsure when to plant tulips, select “Let DutchGrown decide” when placing your order and we will ship your bulbs at the most suitable time for your area.

Plant your bulbs 5” deep when the soil temperature is 60°F or less:

  • When to plant tulips for zones 4 and 5? This will be in September or early October,
  • When to plant tulips for zones 6 and 7? This will be in October to early November,
  • When to plant tulips in zones 8, 9 and 10? These tulips can be planted as late as December to January.

When to Plant Tulip Bulbs

Tulips look their best in company: whether you're planning a large border or a small container display, group tulips together for the best effect. A group of the same variety should be planted at equal depth to ensure that they all bloom at the same time; the easiest way to do this is to shovel the soil away, level off the surface, position the bulbs with the pointed end up and replace the soil.

When to Plant Tulips With Lasagne Planting?

Alternatively, try “lasagna planting”: layer up early, mid-season and plant late flowering tulip varieties in a container and enjoy a succession of brilliant spring color. DutchGrown is the tulip expert and our collection includes beloved favorites and new varieties of tulips bulbs to brighten up your spring.

Now you know when to plant tulips. Order top-quality Dutch tulips online for the best results: look out for our early bird discounts and special offers.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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