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Where To Plant Irisis?

Where To Plant Irisis?

Where To Plant Iris?

Learn Where to Plant Bright, Beautiful Irises for Glorious Spring Color

Elegant irises come in many different varieties and are amongst the earliest and the latest of fall-planted flower bulbs to bloom. Named for the Greek goddess of the
rainbow, their orchid-like blooms in gorgeous hues of blue, violet, red, yellow, pink,
bronze and white bring jewel-like color to the spring garden.

Where to Plant Iris: Sun or Shade?

If you’re wondering where to plant iris, in sun or shade, here’s a handy guide to tell you where to plant iris bulbs for the best results.

Where To Plant Dutch Iris?

Plant the small teardrop-shaped bulbs of Dutch iris in fall, any time before the
ground freezes. Choose a spot where the ground never gets too waterlogged as iris
hate “getting their feet wet”. Dutch iris love a sunny spot but will also bloom in
partial shade. Plant the bulbs in groups 2” - 4” deep and 3” apart.

Where To Plant Dwarf Iris?

Dwarf iris is the earliest iris to bloom, bringing brilliant color to the garden in early
spring. They like a sunny location and look wonderful planted in rockeries and
under trees and shrubs, where they will bloom before any leaves appear to create
shade. Dwarf iris can also be grown in pots, both in the garden and indoors.

Where To Plant Bearded Iris?

Bearded iris love basking in the sun and need a period of heat and aridity after blooming. It’s best to plant them in a dedicated bed in the sunniest and warmest
part of your garden. Bearded iris are clump-forming perennials and will eventually
stop producing blooms if they get too crowded. For this reason, they should be
divided after blooming every few years, giving you new plants for free.

In beds and borders or as cut flowers, the glowing colors of iris capture the essence of spring. Browse our iris collection, where you’ll discover iris in a spectrum of gorgeous shades.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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