Darwin Hybrid Tulips

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Scented and Shapely Blooms Are A Delightful Feature of Darwin Hybrid Tulips

If you’re looking for a colorful and scented variety of tulips to fill your outside spaces, Darwin hybrid tulip bulbs tick all the boxes. Their blossoms are large and sit atop long graceful stems, filling the air with their fragrance. As well as offering a glorious outdoor display, they also make a great focal point for flower arrangments indoors.

Why You Should Choose Darwin Hybrid Tulips

Darwin hybrid tulips have many defining features that make them a popular choice for both professional and amateur gardeners. They make a striking addition to any garden with their big, showy flowers that are the classic tulip shape. Darwin tulips are broad at the base and slightly narrow at the top and come in a fantastic array of colors. They stand 20 to 24 inches tall and can be used very effectively for landscaping and mass plantings as well as in flower borders and beds.

What Darwin Tulip Bulbs Are Available?

DutchGrown has a wide selection of Darwin tulip bulbs for sale including Tulip Jumbo Darwin Yellow Landscaper Special which is a popular choice for large outdoor displays because it holds up well in all kinds of weather conditions. Jumbo Darwin hybrid tulips are also available in red, apricot, salmon, white, and a mix of red and yellow. Another fine example of Darwin hybrid tulips is Tulip Niigata, named after an equally beautiful city in Japan. The color of the blossoms changes from light to dark pink - almost purple - once they are in bloom.

When is the Best Time to Plant My Darwin Tulip Bulbs?

The best time for planting tulip bulbs is in the fall, from September to December. They should be planted at a depth of 5 inches in a location that receives full sun. The bulbs will bloom early to mid-spring.

With such a wide choice of Darwin hybrid bulbs to choose from, DutchGrown is more than able to meet your needs. Place your order today for a beautiful and fragrant spring garden.