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When to Plant Iris Bulbs?

When to Plant Iris Bulbs?

When to Plant Iris Bulbs?

Learn When Is The Best Time to Plant Irises for Jewel-Like Color in Your Spring Garden

Irises are one of the loveliest spring flower bulbs. With their shapely blooms in shades of blue, yellow, white, pink, peach, bronze and red, they bring vibrant color to your beds, borders, and pots.

When Is The Best Time to Plant Iris Bulbs?

There are many varieties of iris and all of them are easy to grow, but you need to plant them at the right time for a successful display. Read on to find out when to plant irises in your location.

When to Plant Iris Bulbs in Zone 5?

There are several varieties of iris that are hardy in cold areas, including Dutch iris and Siberian iris. Dutch iris bulbs should be planted in early fall so that the roots become established before the ground freezes. The secret to success is to plant iris in a well-drained spot to reduce the risk of the iris bulbs rotting. In colder locations, the foliage will not appear until spring, followed by blooms in May.

When to Plant Iris Bulbs in Zone 6?

In zones 6 and higher, Dutch irises should be planted in fall so that they have time to settle in before heavy rains saturate the soil. In warm climates, the foliage will form during fall, then develop over the winter and the plants will bloom in spring.

When to Plant Iris Bulbs Indoors?

Jump-start spring by planting dwarf iris in pots, bringing color to your home during the winter. Plant the bulbs so that the tips are just beneath the surface of the soil and at least ½” apart. Keep them watered and in a sunny spot. Ideally, the daytime temperature should be at least 62° F and at night, no lower than 53° F. The irises should bloom in about 12 weeks.

Are you as passionate about irises as we are? Discover all the best varieties of irises in our iris collection. To find out more about how to plant spring bulbs, take a look at our helpful planting guides.

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Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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