DutchGrown™ offers the highest quality and one of the largest assortment of dahlia bulbs for the lowest prices anywhere. Plant the dahlia tubers in spring for beautiful blooms from summer to frost. Our dahlias are packed 2 tubers per bag.

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Dahlia Tubers from Holland

Dahlia tubers are always extremely popular, but every year proves to be even bigger than the last. This year shows the same trend, with some pre-ordered varieties already close to selling out. If you're a dahlia-lover, it has never been more important to shop early!

When you reserve dahlia bulbs in advance, they'll ship to you in spring when it's the right time to plant in your area. 

Choose from dinnerplate, ball, decorative, cactus, and more! Dahlias are easy to grow and produce the most amazing blooms. 
Learn all about them in our Dahlia Planting Guide.